Chile Education

The Chile Education Station

Whole green chiles

  • How is a Big Jim different from a Mosco??  Which should you cook with?
  • How do you peel, seed and freeze chiles?
  • How do you cook with chiles?

Chile Samples
Come over to our Chile Education Station to sample over a dozen fresh-roasted varieties au naturel.  That’s right – grab a toothpick, stab a strip of Dynamite chile, and just pop it in your mouth.  That’ll wake you up!

There may be dozens of green chile stands throughout the Denver area, but you’ll have trouble finding any with fresh roasted samples of their varieties.  Do you actually know what you are buying?? Taste them first!

Quesadillas … Made to Order

making quesadillasMaybe just popping a Dynamite in your mouth is not what you had in mind??? Have a Dynamite quesadilla instead.

For that matter, try any variety made into a quesadilla.  How else can you tell which one you want to cook with???

We will have quesadilla makers and infinite tortillas, shredded cheese, and fresh roasted chiles – all set for quesadilla samplers.