Recipe Contest Prizes

Recipe Contest Prizes for 2016!

Red or Green: New Mexico Cuisine

A popular cookbook featuring traditional recipes of New Mexico, including many that do not include chiles

2 Categories: Appetizers & Green Chili

For each category:
1st place:  $100 cash + Red or Green Cookbook
(yes, that’s red or green chiles)

2nd place: $50 cash + Red or Green Cookbook

3rd place:  $25 cash + Red or Green Cookbook

1. To qualify to win, we need your recipe & $10 registration fee and you must arrive at the Denver Chili Fest on Sept 10 with your prepared green chili by 11:15 am. We request that you prepare enough to serve 12 people.
2. Judging starts at 11:45 am.
3. Winners are announced at 12:45 am.
4. We will accept walk-ins (as long as you bring your recipe); but please help our organizing efforts by filling out the registration form first.
5. There will be plenty of power strips for plugging crockpots in. When the contents are consumed, crockpot will be moved to a table for containers off to the side where they can be picked up later.
6.  Please tape your name and phone number to the bottom of the crockpot. You can also bring your entry in a disposable container if you wish.
7. We will be providing sampling cups, paper plates, serving spoons, napkins, etc.









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  1. I wish to sign up our food truck to enter for the green chili cookoff

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